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Systems 146
Locations 318
Settlements 12

For a long span of time the Furnace galaxy was separated from the Sphere. However, thanks to Professor Harriet Guildham and her team, the jump gate in Kelsey was upgraded to a Super gate, and contact with Furnace was restored.<ref>Furnace Super Gate opens!, ISN News, http://community.core-exiles.co.uk/comments.php?DiscussionID=3122</ref>




Here there be Pirates. Furnace lived up to its name when the Core disbanded, finding itself in the same boat that many other Galaxies found themselves in - WAR! Gal-Fed, Con-fed and what was then the Alliance went to war in earnest - as the Furnace Galaxy was ripped apart the Pirates (yes you know who you are) stepped into the breaches and carved out their own large domain.

There were as many as 40 roving station-sized Pirate bases at one time, although this number has dwindled somewhat over the last 50 years. The pirates themselves fitted graviton stabilizers to their floating homes and turned them in to static bases of operation. Gal-Fed in return, after the total annihilation of Alliance forces, set up static Carriers to act as home bases for the fleets they needed to patrol their new borders.

Official map:[1]