Frontiersman Shield

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Frontiersman Shield

Back when space travel was in its infancy the name given to those early travellers was Frontiersman. They paved the way for you and I to traverse the stars, locating Worm Holes to distant galaxies and planets, looking for home and profit.

But things were not always light and laughter. Space is a vast place to get lost in and an even worse place to be attacked with no support for light years in any direction. So being the ingenious and thrifty souls they were they developed their very own 1st generation shield units.

Whist a Frontiersman Shield is not the biggest unit, it can take enough hits for you to make that jump to escape or mean the difference between life and death in early combat situations.

Due to the technical spec of this shield unit you will need to hold a Reflective Shield Skill rating of 25 before the first of these can be fitted to your vessel.

NOTE: Shields require charging via E.B.K Booster Kits.


Requires Gains
Name Captain level Reflective skill Energy Max. HP
Rev 1 6 25 600 500
Rev 2 10 35 800 750
  NPC StoreCrafting EngineeringFestive CenterCE Store only