Festive Center

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Festive Center

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Name: Festive Center
Image: Store.Icon.FestiveCenter.jpg

Festive Center

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The 'Festive Center' as it's known is located on Toliver Station in Kendra. The station was set up to enable intrepid Captains both old and new to trade in their 'Festive Goods.

Festive Goods range from Christmas, New Year, Halloween and other festive activity Core-Exiles Staff deem to get themselves involved in.

Should you find 'Festive Goods' in your ships hold hang on to them and pop over to this location and trade them in for 'Special Packs'. Keep your eyes on the Festive Center though as more packs and special 'One Off's spring up in the store from time to time.

Festive Point trades

You can exchange Festive Goods for Festive Points that can be traded for items. When trading some of the items may not become available immediately since they must be handled by the devs.

For locations in game use the CE Finder