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This article is about the store. For the faction, see Federation Of Mining (Faction).
Federation Of Mining

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Name: Federation Of Mining
Image: Store.Icon.FederationOfMining.jpg

Mining Office

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This office is a recent addition to this promenade and as such there is a lot of scuttlebutt on the exact nature of the Federation of Miners reason for opening these offices. Officially they offer their members missions to collect 'mission based ores' from specific Asteroid Fields.

Unofficially it seems they are carrying out tests on the asteroid fields and using their own Faction members to do the work. Either way the pay is good for doing what you would be doing anyway. Mining is either loved or hated by captains, at least now you can grab a bonus before heading out to the distant fields to mine.

How to do missions

FOM missions are doing during mining. You require no extra tools than a Mining Laser.

  1. First, locate an Federation Of Mining office
  2. Choose a location to mine. New players should choose a location that is close by.
  3. Fly to the location you chose
  4. Follow the How to mine ore mining tutorial for mining.
  5. Every now and then a message will show at the bottom that you've located a mission ore
  6. You can check your progress via the 'Active FOM Missions' option in the top right hand drop down of your flight console
  7. Once you have all the ore, you can submit your ore from there.

Note that you don't have to return the ore yourself, you can deliver it anywhere you are. Also not that you don't have to tractor ore, you get the message only after the scanning.

There is no time limit on this mission, but there are strict penalties for aborting said mission. Since the ore does not take up space, there is no need to abandon a FOM mission.

Example of message:


For locations in game use the CE Finder