Far away BH

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Far away BH (ve?)

Level 5
Morale 100%
Docking 20 Cr (Public)
Law 12
Tech 12
Tax 1%
Owned by Sukayo

After a long time he found the nicest spot in The Sphere. In Phidarin, on Jerico, Far away BH is now his home for a long time and will serve well for refining ore. Besides that the nature around the settlement is still untouched, allows hunting and fishing, so soon also some tourists will start to visit Far away BH.

Yes, it is Sukayo´s home in the Sphere. After traveling around and selecting a profession as a refiner, it was only logical to have it here. Today a long range to the gate to Furnace and 5 more locations with Union offices in the system makes this place a good source for passengers willing to paying premium for a trip there.