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The Exploring profession is the exploration of unexplored planets. Once planets are explored, they will be accessible in the normal way, and shops and stores will be added.

How to get started: Required Items

Optional Items

  • Oxygen bottles – Highly recommended. All actions but riding buggy require one Unit of Oxygen. Small Bottle s can be bought from Sven Barter store, larger are crafted. You’ll find some during Exploration too.
  • Archeology Tools – You need set of three kind of tools to retrieve Archeology treasures, which can be traded in Explorers League Transfer store, and Alien Artifacts. Note that each tool has 3 levels, with varying level requirements to use. For example, Archeology tool 1s require level 15, tool 2s require level 35.
  • Weapon, Armor and Ammo – For detailed description see Forums (link to primer and/or other FAQ artiles)
  • Seraphim Pod – By default you can do only 50 explorations in a 24 hour period. Equipped Seraphim Pod increase this number.
  • Exploration Mechs – EXPANSE ONLY!
  • Basic Medical Kit (Personal)s - from Svens Barter Store - misc

Once you have these items, find the Planet Exploration Survey (listed as 'Galactic Exploration' in the System Options menu), and pick a planet to explore. Keep in mind that not all exploration deploy kits are suitable for each planet, as each unexplored planet has a danger rating. Then fly over to the planet, and land on it (using the same game-mechanism as docking). Make sure you have no Hauling missions or Union passengers on board, as exploring is dangerous, and neither Ashar, Wesbec nor Union allows you to explore with their goods on board.

Once you're landed, you can start exploring. Each exploration will consume one EDK, and in return you'll get an event, good, neutral or bad. From these events, you can gain (or lose) XP, credits and/or goods. Every once in a while, if you're lucky, you can find a artifact that will advance the Galactic Research Project by 1%, and give you 10000xp and 100000 credits. At each location you have the choice of the following actions:

searching the area

This searches the area and can find various misc items such as R.O.F.Ls, data chips, etc.

geological survey

If the spot can be surveyed, a slot machine type screen will appear where you are given 10 rolls. Each slot either gives XP or credits. When you are happy with the XP and credits on the screen you can finish the survey. If you go past 10 rolls you get nothing. The maximum XP per slot is 2700 and the maximum credits is 5000.

If you match 3 exact images you will get a significant XP and Credits bonus (somewhere along the lines of 5000xp and 5000 credits).

archaeology search

This searches the spot for alien artifacts.

personal combat

This searches the area for an opponent to engage in personal combat.

Skills involved

Fitting the Planetary Landing Module requires only that you are level 15 or higher. Each EDK, however, also requires a captain level, and a certain level of the Survey skill.

It's a good idea to craft the kits yourself, since that will save you credits on each explore. You'll need a basic investment in the skills for Crafting and Extracting for this.


Your ECO-UPV must be fully repaired to remove it. You can not switch ships without removing it. You can repair it using kits, or docked through the repair service if you have the eco-upv repair manager account upgrade.

Note that you have a limited amount of explorations per day. Seraphim Explorer pods allows you more exploration attempts per day. So if you plan to really get into exploring, you'll definitely want one of these. Note that they are a Single Fit Pod, so you can't equip more than one of them at the same time. Also, the Seraphim Explorer cannot be unequipped for 24 hours after you've explored.

DOs and DON'Ts


  • Uses the lowest EDK that the planet's danger rating allows, they are cheaper
  • Craft your own kits
  • Get a Seraphim Explorer
  • Try and do all your exploration on one planet; if you become chief explorer, you can get bonuses when the planet is fully explored
  • Search and do the geological survey at every location.
  • Create an exploration pattern that won't overlap so that you don't explore the same area twice.


  • Forget your PLM (equipped in a Specials Slot) when exploring, you won't be able to land without
  • Go past 10 rolls during the geological survey mini-game