Et-adis Store

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Et-adis Store

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Name: Et-adis Store
Image: Store.Icon.Et-adisStore.jpg

Energy Store

Min. Settlement Level: 99
ContractCost: 300000 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: N/A %

Lucien Et-adis was one of many refugees caught in the Verec-Per Galaxy when the Core closed its borders. Cut off from all he loved and once knew he decided to make a new life for himself. He was a skilled and dedicated man and it wasn't long before he had his own line of Reactors on the shelves in his newly established store.

Lucien was well known for being a man of honour and his word was law in his own store. That being said his family now carry on the prowd tradtions of the Et-adis name. Their reactors are top of the line and whilst not cheap its unlikely that you will leave empty handed as his reactors cross a wide range.

Et-adis Store is a member of the Verec-Per Alliance of Traders and as such trade only with trusted and loyal Verec-Per inhabitants.

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TL Item Price
?-8 MicroStar - Ad-ia 275,000
?-8 MicroStar - Kimnal-ald 1,215,000
?-8 MicroStar - Enth-end 3,850,000
?-8 MicroStar - Kel-drair 8,000,000
?-8 MicroStar - Mythat-say 10,250,000
?-8 Singularity Cell - Cereck-an 16,000,000
?-8 Singularity Cell - Aw-kel 20,000,000
9 Singularity Cell - Vor-on 23,500,000
10 Singularity Cell - Tin-elmuth 25,500,000
10 Singularity Cell - Essbel-is 27,000,000
9 Ultima Plant - Usk-unt 20,755,000
10 Ultima Plant - Den-lerdel 25,600,000
10 Ultima Plant - Urn-samar 30,255,000
11? 12? Ultima Plant - Ny-omina 36,100,000
11? 12? Ultima Plant - Elm-rakan 41,650,000