Dome Depot

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Dome Depot

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Name: Dome Depot
Image: Store.Icon.DomeDepot.jpg

Schematic Store

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Not your average settlement upgrades, Dome Depot gives settlement owners that 'Do-It-Yourself' homey feel that sterile prefab walls and modules just can't bring.

We offer a wide variety of settlement schematics that will give your settlement that old-Core-gone-by appearance, while giving your inhabitants and tourists more activities and opportunities.

So, whether you're looking for a boost in crop production, just plain bored with your current tourist attractions, or need that extra something to make your settlement outshine the rest, stop on in. You'll be surprised what you find in Dome Depot!

  • Disclaimer: Dome Depot does not guarantee results of any project taken on. Results vary with the competence of the builder and quality of the resources used.

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