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Delphus (ve)

Docking  ?
Law 5
Tech 8

Delphus was once a vacant world with dense flora, no life, and rough terrain that even the toughest travelers could not conquer. However the settlements here have made this planet a virtual paradise in the Tig system. With its many dance halls, obsidian rooms, pleasure pubs, and anonymous nightlife it is no wonder that so many travelers have visited Delphus never to leave again. Some have succumbed to this pleasure paradise and some have simply just disappeared in its hostile landscape. These services have been ordered closed to the general public by The Corp but still some have not listened.

Here you will find many services much needed by your kind of traveling the space lanes in search of fortune. But beware of your visits here, and stay within the promenade built for intergalactic business and shopping set up for your protection. Venturing outside this area is restricted, and may find you lost to you own wills, never to leave here again