Delgado Drones

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Delgado Drones

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Name: Delgado Drones
Image: Store.Icon.DelgadoDrones.jpg

Drone Store

Min. Settlement Level: 2
ContractCost: 167500 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: 25 %

The use of drones is still a relatively sore subject with many 'ex-owners'. A nasty AI virus managed to wipe out a vast proportion of the Drones in use today. Most drone stores went out of business overnight. The Delgado chain of drone stores has once again opened its doors with a small selection of drones.

It's rumoured that they will go back in to mass production shortly. For now the beleaguered list of drones is growing but with public support for Drones at an all time low this is a slow task.

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Effect of Tech Level

This section contains the items unlocked by each tech level.

Tech Item Available
6 Remote Mining Drone MD1-MD4
7 Nothing new
8 Nothing new
9 Nothing new
10 Nothing new
11 Nothing new
12 Nothing new