Deep Core Mining

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Deep Core Mining

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Name: Deep Core Mining
Image: Store.Icon.DeepCoreMining.jpg

Sales Market

Min. Settlement Level: 3
ContractCost: 176000 CR
Contract Length: 6 Months
settlementDiscount: 10 %

Deep Core was set up over 30 years ago by Willie Stocks, since then the have dealt primarily with government contracts and the like. They deal in a variety or Rare elements, but due to the high demand and shortage of workers willing to work in the conditions required to mine Rare resources they can be extremely expensive.

But if you're in desperate need they may well have what you're after. The recent change in the law means they can now trade freely on the open market so there's hope that their prices may come down over time.

Items for Sale

Template:Treated Ore/InfotemplateTemplate:Verecian Refined Ore/Infotemplate
Resource Sales Market price
Byzilliam Ore3552 Cr
Core Matter4950 Cr
Dylithium Ore2764 Cr
Dyterium Ore3156 Cr
Refined Dyterium2828 Cr
Refined Tryonite2888 Cr
Tessarine Ore3617 Cr
Trigenite Ore3152 Cr
Tryonite Ore2584 Cr

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