Crystal Exchange Program

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The Crystal Exchange Program collects crystals in exchange for Research Points, used by the Research Academy.

When entering the Crystal Exchange Program, you are presented with a short list of the five Crystal types (colors). Next to each is shown the total in your ship’s hold, the total value of Research Points for that stack, and then a button to trade in the ENTIRE stack of crystals. If the trade button is clicked, all crystals of that type are removed from your ship’s hold, and the number of Research Points shown is credited to your captain. (The Research Point total is shown in the Research Academy, not the Crystal Exchange Program.)

WARNING: The ENTIRE stack of crystals is traded. You do not get to determine how many are turned in. If you you want to save some Crystals, exit the Crystal Exchange and deposit the amount you wish to keep in the local Secure Store. The Crystal Exchange takes only what is in your ship.

The Crystals are listed in the following order, and the Research Point value of each individual Crystal is listed here.

Blue 15
Green 10
Grey 5
Red 25
Yellow 20

Locations: Crystal Exchange Program offices are in the following player-accessible locations.

Anvil, Trantor, Dudinskaya
Furnace, Orrat, Placidia
Furnace, Tetra, Starbase-26
Sphere, Ethan, Darius
Sphere, Kendra, Pistia
The Forge, Zarante, Venetia
Verec-per, Angusti, Kelnbur
Verec-per, Chethera, Cheq