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Cranmore (ve)
Galactic Federation

Docking 50 Cr
Law 9
Tech 8


Cranmore is what passes for a resort planet in the Franklyn system. It shares Yeltsims barren soil but nature has carved out many fine vistas and left the planet with a large number of imposing and climbable mountains.

Cranmore also supplies most of the systems needs as far as consumer goods manufacture goes and is home to seventy-five percent of the systems businesses.

While many highfliers seek to leave the system as quickly as possible those that stay say that they like the laid back, no nonsense, no stress work ethic that is Cranmores special claim to fame.

Many visitors may consider Cranmore to be a dull little backwater but the inhabitants have to be amongst the happiest people in several systems. This is a view supported by the Cranmore chamber of commerce whose slogan is 'Cranmore: The biggest little town in the galaxy'.

Resources found at the Cranmore Resource Survey.

Agro Grow Alucite Ore Animal Feed Bio Enzymes
Bio Foods