Cinq Port

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Cinq Port (ve)
Galactic Federation

Docking 50 Cr
Law 10
Tech 12

Cinq Port

During a follow up mission to map the planets of Kelsey the earlier explorers had failed to notice five possible Jump Gate points in the system.

With five nexus points within the system Kelsey became a rich political, economic and military prize for the Federation. With Cradle later becoming predominantly uninhabitable and Jian being far too cold, a Starbase would have to be constructed and due to the importance of the system the base would have to be able to support a sizable fleet.

Over the centuries the original station, Starbase 73, has been expanded until it can boast a population bigger than many minor planets and an economy that places it on a par with the very best in the Federation.

As befits a base that has outgrown its humble beginnings as a military base it has changed its name and is now known as Cinq Port, and is counted as one of the wonders of the galaxy. Cinq Port is simply the largest man made structure ever made and has grown so large that it has incorporated a number of smaller industrial stations and can even boast new 'commuter stations' that are permanently connected to it by transport tubes.