Chronos Shield

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Chronos Shield

The Chronos Shield system is a relatively new breakthrough in Shield Designs. It is true that it closely resembles the Stanson Range but these are far more powerful and allow those with Phased Shielding skill to reach new heights in ship safety.

This new range is currently the best available for non military vessels and is extremely compact and easy to fit. The draw backs are the large skill requirements and the amount of resources required to build them.

Due to the technical spec of this shield unit you will need to hold a Phased Shielding Skill rating of 490 before the first of these can be fitted to your vessel.

Due to the nature of its design these can only be crafted by qualified Crafters.

NOTE: Shields require charging via E.B.K Booster Kits.


Requires Gains
Name Captain level Phased skill Energy Max. HP
Mk 1 55 490 6000 9000
Mk 2 65 580 7000 11000
Mk 3 75 700 8000 14000
  NPC StoreCrafting EngineeringFestive CenterCE Store only