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Spoiler Warning

This material is loot, not crafted or purchased. Some players prefer to discover this material on their own. If you prefer to discover equipment as you find it, read no further.

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Rare loot... Found in combat, mining, salvage, maybe some other places. Generally somewhat better in one way or another than their more common counterparts. Since this is a category for rare reactors, well, we can assume that these are both rare and a reactor, which means that they make energy.

Most reactors come in sets of four. They usually increment in regular amounts at each version, though there is sometimes an anomalous jump in some models. For rare loot reactors the Captain Level usually increases by +2 at each version, while the skill required and energy output is proportional to the reactor's power.

Please note that some of the values are unknown, and some are extrapolated. In any given description, a number with a question mark (?) after it is an extrapolated number. If you have one of the reactors that has a blank or extrapolated value, please contact akkamaddi in CE.