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Each ship has a limited amount of Pod 'Slots' these can be fitted with 'POD's'. They do not require power but do have a captain requirements so make sure you check the info on each item before purchasing.

Pods have a wide range in abilities from armour, hull, power boosts, to speed enhancements. There are also lots and lots of more rare pods. Take the time to review the pod listing and also be aware that many pods can be purchased from the Core-Exiles Store.

Every ship type has a number of pod slots. Pod Slots are the maximum number of physical pods that a ship can carry.

Pod points is also a ship limit.

Normally a ship can have a maximum of 10 Pod points. Some pods use multiple pod points in one slot. For instance, a Messiah 4 uses 4 pod points in one pod slot. (Note: Check your pod selections, some may allow multiple copies of the same pod.)

The Pod Point Expander is a CE expansion that gives you a total of 5 additional pod points. This does NOT expand the pod slots, it allows you to use more pods with multiple pod points.