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Malls are player crafted and allow players to sell pre-set listed items to NPC 'shoppers'. Each mall store requires a Mall Slot on a promenade and then needs to be kept stocked. Payments are made every 12 hours based on sales within that period. A daily rent is also charged for the rental of the Mall Slot. The rental varies depending on the format of the mall and its type. All malls require 5 structure points.

Malls currently come in three formats, Kiosk, Retail Outlet and Super Store. Check each store for its sales list. Also note they have a negotiation skill requirement.

Malls are a great way to make alot of money in a regular fashion once you figure out how to use them. Note that the larger formats of mall cost more rental but don't cost more structure points, so consider upgrading. Malls work well with fairly much any career, but especially with salvage and combat, since you can use the malls to sell items for a very good price. A mall will sell items at three times the price of Joes!

Mall Formats

Kiosk - the smallest of the malls. This has one 'slot' and hence can sell only one type of goods at once. It can only store at most 500 units of goods. Requires level 10 and Negotiation skill 10.

Retail Outlet - the middle of the range. There are two 'slots' and storage for 1000 units of goods. Requires level 20 and Negotiation skill 20.

Super Store - the best of standard range. Four 'slots' are available so you can sell up to four different types of goods, and store up to 2000 units. Requires level 30 and Negotiation skill 40.

Mega Mall - the best you can get. Made by Genesis Aurora Industrial Center. All six 'slots' are available so you can sell up to six different types of goods, and store up to 25000 units. Requires level 55 and Negotiation skill 80.

Mall Types

Commercial Construction Components, Medical Components, Ship Parts, Synthetic Silk, Textile Goods, Domestic Chemicals, Alien Electronics, Alien Construction, Alien Planet Data, Alien Industrial Alloys, Alien Industrial Tech, Universal Survival Packs, H.D Drill bits, Speed Cameras, Universal Compactors, Enhanced Cybernetics, Artificial Optics, Emergency Anti Viral

Food Frozen Meats, Breakfast Goods, Tinned Goods, Fresh Foods, Ready Meals, Commercial Brews, Alcoholic Beverages, Wines, Food Goods

Goods Galactic News, Planetary Exports, Fashion Clothing, Horticultural Goods, Civilian Goods, Commercial Furniture, Domestic Furniture, Childrens Goods, Alien Data Recordings, Alien Flight Logs, Alien Vaccine, Alien Pet, Alien Communicator, Alien Security Data, Alien Medical Pack, Alien Medical Data, Alien Teleporter, Alien Data Stream

Leisure Sports Goods, Festive Goods, Musical Instruments, Children’s Toys, Games, Alien Entertainment

Tech Electronic Components, Technological Goods, High Tech Components, Commercial Technology, Alien Encryption Tech, Alien High Tech, Alien Bio Regenerator, Alien Interface, Alien Blueprints, Robotic Parts, Core Charge System, High Grade Electronics, High Capacity Storage, Power Conduit Buffers, Remote Actuated Valves, R.M.Parts, R.E.Parts, Universal AC, Core Matter, ERCCCG Packs, Shield Emitters, High Grade Data Tech, FSS Units, Polarised Shield Plate

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