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This is the guide for using the Cyberdeck System Interface or C.S.I. - there are currently 3 types: Trade, Combat and Outlaw.

To use the C.S.I. you must install one of these three systems. To do so click on your "Ship Layout" button.


You will then get the "Ship Layout" page. Click on one of your 'System' slots to equip the C.S.I. system.


For this guide we will be installing and using the "C.S.I. (Trade Unit)"


Once the C.S.I. (Trade Unit) is installed you will see a new icon in the upper right of the Promenade. To load the galaxy filters we will be clicking this new C.S.I. icon.


When you click on this new icon you will get several options of filters to add.


For this example we will be looking to filter out "The Sphere" out of Wesbec offices, so click on the Wesbec Icon.


Depending on what filters you have to use with your C.S.I. (Trade Unit) or any other type of C.S.I. unit will be then listed, just select whatever filter you are interested in using. In this case we want the 'Wesbec Filter Lock Out (Sphere)' so click on the "Equip Filter" button.


It will return you to the C.S.I. (Trade Unit) screen and in like 1) you will see which filter is installed and 2) will tell you how many scans/refreshes you have filters left for.

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