Boris Barter Store

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Boris Barter Store

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Name: Boris Barter Store
Image: Store.Icon.BorisBarterStore.jpg

Boris Barter Store

Min. Settlement Level: ?
ContractCost: ? CR
Contract Length: ? Months
settlementDiscount: N/A %

It seems our intrepid entrepreneur, Sven Yarrell has been busy since the Furnace Super Gate was made operational. He's been working with Boris Volkoff from the Furnace 'Community Trade Federation' (CTF) to open a string of his 'Barter Stores' across the Furnace Galaxy.

Unfortunately for Sven the CTF were opposed to simply allowing him to open the stores under his own brand name, but have agreed to franchise the business opportunity using the well known Boris Volkoff business name.

This means that intrepid Captains looking to barter there items don't need to go all the way back to the Sphere. It is also reported that they are in negotiation with Gal-Fed and the Furnace authorities to be first in line for offering their franchise to Furnace Settlements.

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