Black Star Shipwrights

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Black Star Shipwrights

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Name: Black Star Shipwrights
Image: Store.Icon.BlackStarShipwrights.jpg

Schematic Store

Min. Settlement Level: 6
ContractCost: CR
Contract Length: Months
settlementDiscount: 6 %

Black Star is privately owned commercial group. They specialise in ship schematics and with the treaty ban lifted on sales to the public they have stepped up to provide some interesting varieties.

With the designers working overtime to create new and inventive ship designs Black Star has opened their store with a small yet effective range. You will of course need to own a Settlement Level 6 Manufacturing Facility but you could tender out the sub module sections to save time.
Black Star have committed to keeping Captains up to date with their latest designs. They have even pledged to keep the costs as low as they can.

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