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Beltaine (ve)

Docking 50 Cr
Law 9
Tech 8


Not the kind of place to go on vacation, well that's what it says on the brochure for Beltaine.

The residents are mostly miners and research staff. Beltaine boasts one of the Few Rare Ore refinery's in the system and their promenade is well known for being a place to get your hands one most things.

Beltaine is a shake and bake colony planet. The Gal-Con Fusion reactors take approx 50 years to make a planet like Beltaine liveable without the need for life support suits or oxygen re-breathers.

At the last planet audit there were no more than 20,000 inhabitants on the planet. It boasts strong ore deposits and even has a land registry office for those looking to purchase land and make a start on their own.