Baskin Exports

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Baskin Exports

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Name: Baskin Exports
Image: Store.Icon.BaskinExports.jpg

Sales Market

Min. Settlement Level: 3
ContractCost: 170000 CR
Contract Length: 6 Months
settlementDiscount: 10 %

Run by the Ruthless Robert Baskin you won't find any bargains here. The Baskin's have never been known for their generosity. They drive hard bargains over products such as Civilian Grade Ammunition, Isotopes and Radioactive Stocks.

If the items in stock they will sell, but prices can fluctuate as the market demand grows. So be prepared to pay top Credit at times. They are not bothered who they sell to and with the new relaxed sales laws they are making the most of it.

Items for Sale

Resource Sales Market price
Civilian Grade Ammunition396 Cr
Domestic Chemicals600 Cr
Isotopes198 Cr
Munitions440 Cr
Radioactive Stocks264 Cr
Refined Chemicals186 Cr

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