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The Bank has been operating within the Sphere for more than a Century, with unrivalled customer retention, and customer service. We are very proud of the fact that we have not been robbed at any time in our history. Your money is safe with us.

You may well ask why you might need to use a Banking service? Well, rumours have been doing the rounds of late, that outlaws have been boarding un-suspecting vessels and removing all, or a portion of the credits held within the ships account. Using the Bank will not stop this from happening, but will greatly reduce losses, as there will be less for them to take.

The bank can hold a portion of your money for you, can give you loans, sell you Stocks & Shares and Insurance. Insurance is currently unable to process any applications due to current building work.

The Bank account is where your Commercial Storage is paid from, mind that you don't take all your money out if you plan in using Commercial Storage.