Arnos Schematic Supply

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Arnos Schematic Supply

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Name: Arnos Schematic Supply
Image: Store.Icon.ArnosSchematicSupply.jpg

Schematic Store

Min. Settlement Level: 1
ContractCost: 172500 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: 15 %

Named after its founder Sam Arnos, the Supply Office here is only one of a handful in the Galaxy that has a legal licence to trade in rare Implant Schematics.

Most dealers in Implant Schematics are limited to level 1 implants, but not so Arnos. They have a licence to sell up to and including level 3 Implants. These can be pricey but then again the implant business has never been cheap.

Recently Arnos has also begun to stock other lines of Schematics and Modules as they attempt to increase their Market share.

For locations in game use the CE Finder

Effect of Tech Level

This section contains the items unlocked by each tech level.

Tech Item Available
6 Nothing!
7 Nothing new
8 Mall - Kiosk Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png (all types)
Mall - Retail Outlet Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png (all types)
Mall - Super Store Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png (all types)
Mall Display Stand Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Mall Storage Unit Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Neural Inhibitor Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
9  ?
10  ?
11  ?
12  ?