Arc-Light Projects

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Arc-Light Projects

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Name: Arc-Light Projects
Image: Store.Icon.Arc-LightProjects.jpg

Schematic Store

Min. Settlement Level: 1
ContractCost: 177500 CR
Contract Length: 3 Months
settlementDiscount: 12 %

Until recently all crafters and private builder contractors that dealt in weapons did so behind closed doors. Arc-Light decided that there would be value in selling their schematic blueprints to other privateer crafters.

This hasn't gone down well with their fellow brethren but a spokesman for the Arc-Light store made no apologies and said they were providing a service just like any other store.

For locations in game use the CE Finder

{{techlevel |6=- |7=- |8=Archangels Hammer AH1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png & AH2 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Bio Feed System Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Bio Fuel Storage BS1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png, BS2 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png & BS3 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Bio Storage Tank Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Bio Tank Brackets Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Bio Tank Stabiliser Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Bio Tank Wall Module Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Charging Capacitor Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Food Synthesizer Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Hellhound RG1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Highlighter Scan HL1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png, HL2 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png, HL3 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png & HL4 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Magnetic Rail System Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Med-Care Unit Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Passenger ECO - Module EM1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png, EM2 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png & EM3 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Phaser Alignment Beam Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Quantum Eon Expander QE3 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png & QE4 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Quantum Evo Expander QE1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png & QE2 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Quantum Flux Inhibitor Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Rail Feed system Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Storm Reactor Rev 1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png, Rev 2 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png, Rev 3 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png & Rev 4 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Stormbringer Phaser SB1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png & SB2 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png
Zenith Phaser ZP1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png & ZP2 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png |12=Hunter Repair System Ver 1 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png, Ver 2 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png, Ver 3 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png & Ver 4 Icons.ShieldsDown.go.png