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Welcome to the Wormhole Anchor Project. The Anchor Gates are now complete and you may purchase your N.E.I Corporate device from this location if you have accrued sufficient Anchor Points.

Anchor points were initially accrued during the construction phase of the gate. Within the office you can see how many points you and your guild have left remaining.

N.E.I. Purchase: Only guild leaders can purchase N.E.I devices on their guilds behalf. All devices once purchased are transferred to the purchasers ship specials store. Guild leaders should then disseminate them to their guild members personally.

Maintenance: To keep the Anchor Gates fully functional there is a maintenance contract available at this location. Those that were not present for the Anchor initial project can earn Anchor Points by keeping the maintenance projects filled..

(Previously: These stores accept the modules for the Anchor project<ref></ref>.)

Construction Phase (finished)

To build Anchor gates Players had to gather resources and modules (similar mechanism is used to construction of Genesis Planets). This phase is finished, Gates are fully operable. Guilds, whose players contributed to construction efforts, receive small monthly payments to guild accounts.

Maintenance Phase

If a player wants his own Corporate NEI, he can earn Anchor Points from the maintenance project. Each gate requires certain items, like Crystals, Space Debris and similar. To deposit them one needs to interact with the Anchor Point NPC (see location list below).

For locations in game use the CE Finder