Absorption Shield

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Absorption Shield

There are many makes and models of shield systems on the market today. Absorption as a general rule sits in the middle between Reflective and Phased shielding.

The Absorption shield system when charged shapes the shield to meet incoming fire power, reinforcing the weakest elements of the shield.

Once the shield has established a field, any energy fired at the shield is then absorbed into the in-line capacitors.

Due to the technical spec of this shield unit, you will need to hold an Absorption Shield Skill before this can be fitted to your vessel.

NOTE: Shields require charging via E.B.K Booster Kits.


Requires Gains
Captain level Absorption skill Energy Cost Max. HP
Mk 1 3 55 1100 300,000 1200
Mk 2 5 110 1400 597,000 1800
Mk 3 10 150 1600 1,350,000 2500
Mk 4 15 210 2000 2,600,000 3500